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When did we get so complicated?


There's no good answer to that question- but I have an answer to your confusion.

Well well, if it isn't a brand trying to convince and sell you on another product (much less another tech 'gadget') ...

Save your qualms and fear.

We are in the business of ease.

We are in the business of solutions.

We believe electronic products should always work, not just when they're needed. We don't believe there's anything wrong with spending over half your day on your phone, tablet, or computer.

(that's not our business model).

There is a problem with not being able to rely on the cords, cables, and chargers that come with your attention-grabbing devices (if big tech is going to screw you they might as well make maintenance easy).

Charging today isn't just outdated, it's sloppy.

Let our products do the talking for us.

Here's our business model in a nutshell:


Trust quality. Trust Coil. 

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